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Portrait Commission Guide





I paint my portraits using acrylic paints on Claybord. The museum-quality panel is coated with smooth clay ground comparable to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. I like the absorbent surface and clean edges of the board better than the canvas.

Why did I choose acrylic, not oil paints to paint portraits? I studied both and find acrylic paints to suit me better. Once I thought of switching to oil paints and took a refresher course at The New York Academy of Arts. My instructor look at my work and said, "If you can handle acrylic paints this well, why not continue with it? You have no reason to switch." That gave me an assurance to keep using acrylic.

The board is ready to be hung on the wall. If you wish to frame it, I recommend Floater Frames.

  • A 10% deposit will secure your spot on the waiting list and the estimated starting time will be notified. If for any reason that I can not start painting on time, this deposit will be refunded promptly. 

  • Before the process of a commission starts, an additional 40% deposit is required. 

  • The process of a commission usually starts with a one-hour photo session at the client’s home, at my home studio, or outdoor with natural light.

  • If a photo session is not possible, I can work with photographs provided. You don’t have to have one perfect picture. I can perform wonders using multiple references. 

  • I will email you a sketch and discuss the background color. 

  • When I finish a painting, I will email you the image for your review and make minor changes if necessary.


One mother asked me to paint her teenage son as a little boy with old photos as a reference.  She wanted to remind herself, “how cute he used to be!”.

Another client commissioned a father and daughter painting as a father’s day gift for her husband. Turn-around time was short, and the client provided only low-resolution photos. It was a great challenge, but I made revisions until the client was satisfied with the result.


Kids Square Face Portrait




Square painting is a popular choice for a portrait of children.  It makes a special gift, too. Multiple portraits are a fun way to display siblings and any type of group.


The size and the special prices for 12 years and under:


  • 12” x 12” x 3/4” - $1,500                              

  • 20” x 20” x 3/4” - $2,500 

If you order two portraits at once, 15% discount, three more, 20% discount will be applied.


• 10% deposit will secure your spot on the waiting list. (Non-refundable after the work process, usually a photo session, starts.)

• The price based on plain color background.

• The price includes a one-hour photo session.

• Free delivery in NYC. Taxes and shipping outside of NYC will be additional. 

• Extra charge added for photo sessions outside of New York City. Please inquire.


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If you have questions about a commission, or to be on the waiting list, please use this form or send me an email to

Thank you! I will get back to you ASAP.

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